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June 06, 2011
Green Energy Live, Inc. Announces Richelle Kim as Interim President & CEO

January 12, 2011
Green Energy Live, Inc. Announces New President & CEO

September 27, 2010
Green Energy Live, Inc. Extends Letter of Intent to Acquire Peck Electric

August 26, 2010
Green Energy Live, Inc. Announces Its Focus on "The Clean Side of Green"

June 17, 2010
Green Energy Live Extends Letter of Intent With Peck Electric, Inc

May 18, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports on Increased Demand for Manure-to-Clean-Energy Solutions for America's Farmers

May 10, 2010

Green Energy Live Subsidiary Increasing Sales and Market Share, Tripled Average Weekly Sales Volume

April 29, 2010
Green Energy Live Extends Letter of Intent to Acquire Leading Electrical Services Company With $6 Million in Revenue

April 26, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports 12% Increase in Revenue for Profitable Subsidiary

March 18, 2010
Green Energy Live Sees Growth Potential for Target Acquisition's Solar Division, $5 Million in Proposals Submitted

March 11, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports on Customer Base and Revenue From Acquisition Target's Telco Division

March 9, 2010
Solar Energy Is a New Revenue Source for Green Energy Live's Acquisition Target

March 1, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports on Strong Revenue and Customer Base of Acquisition Target's Contracting Business


Welcome to Green Energy Live, Inc. (GELV). GELV is a revolutionary Green and Renewable Energy business with Bio-conversion-technology engineering for fuel, farming, and waste management. Our strategy is to develop, patent, and implement proprietary conversion technology for Biofuels that provide GELV an opportunity to grow in several industries that are currently tied to government mandates that increase renewable Energy and Biofuels while reducing dependency on foreign oil and reducing carbon emissions.

Green Energy Live's primary focus is to be a leader in the emerging Waste / Biomass-to-Energy and Renewable Energy industries. Our mission is to convert wastes that are currently being land filled, into ethanol, electricity and other valuable co-products using our proprietary patented gasification and conversion technology.

Our business plan includes the acquisition or development of proprietary technologies that will extract the sugars and starch trapped in these wastes with small footprint, low capital cost and low operating cost technology platforms that can rapidly and economically be deployed to the waste site rather than vice versa.

Green Energy Live is positioning to become a single source provider of complete equipment packages for biomass energy systems using the most advanced technology available. Green Energy Live will provide engineering and assistance to customers in applying biomass fueled energy systems to their specific needs, and will provide complete equipment packages.

  • March 8, 2012 Interim CEO/President Keith Field resigned from Green Energy Live for personal reasons. The company is looking to asign a new President and CEO.

  • August 3, 2011 Green Energy Live announces planned Renewable Energy division offering Solar and Wind energy targeting California, Texas and Hawaii.

  • Green Energy Live looks to provide methane and propane gas accumulation testing equipment for gas pipeline maintenance services.
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  • July 22, 2011 Green Energy Live welcomes Keith Field as new CEO / President looks to position Green Energy Live in the booming Sun & Wind harvesting business coming to America's heartland from Texas to Canada.

  • Richelle Kim resigns as interim CEO / President.

  • Green Energy Live announces that it has completed a 10,000 to 1 reverse split according to the bylaws and has been properly reported....
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  • Karen Clark resigns as CEO / President due to health issues. Richelle Kim appointed as interim CEO / President until a suitable replacement is found.
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