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June 06, 2011
Green Energy Live, Inc. Announces Richelle Kim as Interim President & CEO

January 12, 2011
Green Energy Live, Inc. Announces New President & CEO

September 27, 2010
Green Energy Live, Inc. Extends Letter of Intent to Acquire Peck Electric

August 26, 2010
Green Energy Live, Inc. Announces Its Focus on "The Clean Side of Green"

June 17, 2010
Green Energy Live Extends Letter of Intent With Peck Electric, Inc

May 18, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports on Increased Demand for Manure-to-Clean-Energy Solutions for America's Farmers

May 10, 2010

Green Energy Live Subsidiary Increasing Sales and Market Share, Tripled Average Weekly Sales Volume

April 29, 2010
Green Energy Live Extends Letter of Intent to Acquire Leading Electrical Services Company With $6 Million in Revenue

April 26, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports 12% Increase in Revenue for Profitable Subsidiary

March 18, 2010
Green Energy Live Sees Growth Potential for Target Acquisition's Solar Division, $5 Million in Proposals Submitted

March 11, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports on Customer Base and Revenue From Acquisition Target's Telco Division

March 9, 2010
Solar Energy Is a New Revenue Source for Green Energy Live's Acquisition Target

March 1, 2010
Green Energy Live Reports on Strong Revenue and Customer Base of Acquisition Target's Contracting Business


Invigorate Fertilizer; a subsidiary of Green Energy Live, introduces a quality all-natural organic fertilizer for the home lawn and garden markets, retail nursery, commercial landscaping, and athletic field. Invigorate Fertilizer products contain a minimum N-P-K formula of 2-1-1 and are manufactured with a patent pending gasification and heat conversion technology that is processing poultry litter as the basic feedstock. This is a complete all-natural organic fertilizer containing all of the essential micronutrients needed by the plant. Invigorate Fertilizer has a natural advantage over synthetic fertilizers.


Our patent pending gasification and heat monitoring technology efficiently produces a quality natural organic fertilizer that enriches the soil and feeds the soil microbe population. Invigorate Fertilizer provides broad micro-nutrient chemistry to the soil in natural occurring elemental form, not synthesized as chemical compounds. The resultant microbe bloom will convert the nitrogen into the essential amino acids and feed the plants. A healthy growing medium will produce healthy plants, allowing them to access a full complement of micronutrients from the soil. Plants able to get nitrogen in this way will not be subject to the burning that is traditionally associated with manure products or synthetic fertilizers.

The options for manure use are many, but the more practical ones are fuel, feed and fertilizer. Chicken manure can be burned, producing one-third the fuel value of coal, or converted to methane in biomass converts. However, the most common use for chicken manure today is as a fertilizer for agricultural fields.

Universities and extension services have conducted extensive research showing soils treated with composted organics produce plants with better root systems, greater resistance to pests and diseases and higher yields. We recommend organics or organic combinations for almost any application and with organic chicken litter, delivered and spread on your row crops, your farming will be more successful.

The use of chicken litter fertilizer offers many soil enhancing characteristics including:

  • lower costs than commercial fertilizers;
  • adding organic matter to the soil;
  • maintaining soil pH levels;
  • safe and easy to handle;
  • low odor;
  • Perfectly safe for the environment.

Invigorate Fertilizer has a definite advantage. It has capability to provide stable organic nitrogen, organic matter, moisture retention and an ample supply of major and minor nutrients. Bacteria from composted manure increases microbial activity in the soil, providing a host of benefits to the soil and eventually to the plant. This particular product bring forth it's best result in a pre-plant application to be left incorporated into the top 4" to 6" of soil, specifically in the "root zone". Invigorate Fertilizer supplies organic complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) to the soil. These energy sources are normally supplied to plants by insects, worms, grubs and microbes.


Invigorate Fertilizer is all-natural which helps you fertilize responsibly. Invigorate Fertilizer is perfect for all types of plants from flowers to field crops and chicken litter won't pollute the environment, while helping manage soil moisture and aiding in the control of soil erosion.

Invigorate Fertilizer's Fertilizer provides a valuable soil conditioner, ideally suited for amending compacted soils and problem clay conditions. This composted fertilizer is also valuable when used in soil preparation for general planting situations. Invigorate Fertilizer is ideal for vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, lawns, and all other fertilizer and humus needs throughout the landscape.

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